Our Story

 Ever walk into a hyped-up store just to realize it’s not for you? Yeah, us too. Well, ma, Tropical Touches was made with  YOU in mind. Yes, YOU! I, Millie Del Oro, wanted to make a brand with products that guys and gals like me could express themselves and their cultural identity through with both handmade and branded trendy apparel and lifestyle goods made just for us. Because I am a beach-side gal who was taught a thing or two about our reducing, reusing, and recycling, I also wanted to create products that let us showcase how we are helping our environment, but in style. 

Here at Tropical Touches, every single product, handmade or upcycled, has been carefully curated and tested to make sure each one is both on-brand and beneficial to enhancing our rad lifestyle. We want to carry items that show off your uniqueness and inspire you to be comfortable in your skin. Not only do we encourage uniqueness but we are uniquely founded by yo, an AfroLatina woman who stands for moving with the trends and bringing your culture with you. Us people of color are often looked over as customers of big retailers, leaving products to be very generic with either no cultural edge or even worse: cultural misappropriation. You don’t have to worry about that here with Tropical Touches. We’ve gotchu! ;)