Meet Millie

Born in sunny San Diego, California, Millie takes pride in her Hispanic and Black Heritage and empowers girls across the world to have self-confidence and love the skin they're in. This pride inspired Millie to create Tropical Touches with hopes that others can relish in their unique identities just as she does with a pop of style. Living in a small beach town in Northern San Diego, Millie learned from her Carlsbad/Encinitas community the importance of sustainable living and wanted to share those principles within Tropical Touches.

Studying at California State University Long Beach, Millie majors in Communications and minors in Digital Marketing. Millie also took on several internships and positions in Branding and Social Media Marketing with different companies to perfect her craft which she implements in her branding and marketing tactics for Tropical Touches. Within these positions, she also learned how to grow a small business from some of her favorite people of color owned brands. She knows that some day soon Tropical Touches will be someone else’s favorite people of color owned brand and can’t wait to lead the way for other aspiring entrepreneurs.