Morenx Candle (Tea Bowl)

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All of our scents are a perfect tropical touch for all, but this one right here - this one was made with each and every one of you in mind. Elegant, refreshing, sweet like honeysuckle, just like our Morenx babes (brown skinned - Tagalog). ✊🏽

Vintage | Made in an upcycled glazed cermamic tea bowl from China. Enhanced with a lovely glazed finish for a glossy look, a ounded silhouette and a minimal floral design with a brown trim on the rim, this traditional tea bowl adds unique style to our signature Morenx candle. Once candle is completely melted, this bowl is ready for everyday use after cleaning! Suitable for holding hot or cold beverages. Microwave- and-dishwasher-safe.


Scent Details: Honeysuckle

Top Notes: Lily, Jasmine, and Rose 

Bottom Notes: Orange Blossom 



100% Eco-Friendly 

Cotton wick.

All-Natural Coconut & Soy wax.

Paraben, Phthalate, and Cruelty Free. 

Burn time approximately 12+ hours.


Hand poured with love in California.