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Hey, y'all! Welcome to Tropical Touches! 🌺

Tropical Touches was first thought of when I realized I had waaaaay too many clothes (some that I've never even worn) that I wanted to find a new home for, but with a twist. Trained up by my mother, I have always been an avid shopper so back in the day you could find me in my local thrift shops. My mom is an excellent designer and seamstress, just like her mother and grandmother, so I knew from a young age that with a little effort and extra TLC a dress that you wouldn't think twice to wear could potentially be your favorite summer time skirt and shirt set. With this great power and knowledge passed down to me, however, I became attached to all of my clothes... or at least the idea that I could make them mine with a split here and a zip there. Now I am all grown up and live in a much bigger city with bigger thrift stores but a tiny (and surprisingly I've seen smaller) studio where I simply can't keep all of my finds. So out with the old and in.... with a whole new business. 🤗

After the idea of upcycling cool finds to sell on Depop sparked in my head, my mind worked nonstop to crank out more ideas of how to add layers to my new business and how to make it a household name. So now on top of selling upcycled clothes, I have 200 different product ideas to make my brand bad ass and be everything that Urban Outfitters wished it was. (No shade, just tea. 🍵) I wanted to make a brand with products that guys and gals like me could express themselves and their cultural identity through with both handmade and branded trendy apparel and lifestyle goods made just for us. Because I am a beach-side gal who was taught a thing or two about reducing, reusing, and recycling, I also wanted to create products that let us showcase how we are helping our environment, but in style. With all of that being said I softly bring to you Tropical Touches

Read about why I chose today, Juneteenth, to soft-launch Tropical Touches in our next blog post and stay tuned for our new product releases. We're bringing the heat to y'all this summer... or the drip, whichever you prefer. 

Be sure to check us out on all of our social media platforms to stay up-to-date with all of our happenings! We can't wait to see how you all glow with a few Tropical Touches. 🌺

- Millie Del Oro, Founder


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Yes Reina! Love everything about your website, brand and purpose. I can’t wait to watch you flourish!

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